5 Great Alternative Herbs for Your Family

1. Sesame Seeds – It may seem strange at first, but you can actually keep sesame seeds on hand for mouth or tooth pains. Little though most people know it, sesame seeds contain as many as 7 distinct compounds that have analgesic properties, which makes a brew of sesame seeds in water a very good topical application for aches in the mouth.

2. Pueraria lobata – Otherwise known as kudzu, this Chinese herb can be a promising solution for heavy alcohol consumption. Following kudzu capsule consumption for one week, heavy drinkers have been observed to cut their liquor intake in half. This can be a great herb to have on hand if you are trying to discourage family members from drinking too much.

3. Kratom – An herb that we import from Southeast Asia, this plant can be drunk as a tea that is fairly good at relieving stress as well as pain. Some types of kratom are also stimulating, and can be used as a more soothing (as it has the odd effect of stimulating while soothing someone at the same time) alternative to a cup of coffee.

4. Peppermint – A small bottle of peppermint essential oil can be handy to have around if you have biting insects in or near the house. A drop of the oil on the bite can ease the pain very quickly and will not only stop the itching but also stimulate bloodflow to the bitten area. Result: the venom does not stay in that one area but gets carried off, providing relief.

5. Thyme – This is a great tea herb if you suffer from sinusitis. It warms the body and nasal passages, so your sinus pains will go away quickly.

Did you know that scientists have already proven many traditional herbal cures to actually be true? This only gives us all the more reason to start investigating alternative avenues of treatment for the diseases and pains that plague us every now and then, in hopes of discovering even better cures than we already have in conventional pharmacology. Those are just a few of the most astounding alternative herbs recently discovered to actually have factual weight to their supposed healing powers—you might want to get some of these herbs for yourself and your family in case you ever need them. Us here at irlanda, we drink different herbs and special food like kefir, blackstrap molasses and the likes.

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